The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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We've all heard of The Industrial Revolution, but the World Economic Forum - and many others - think we're now entering a Fourth Industrial Revolution characterised by new technologies that span the online and offline worlds - from 3D printing to robotics.

There is no doubt that rapid changes in technology are affecting how we live and work, and will have an even more dramatic impact on the lives of our students.

In this introductory course we take at look at how technology is changing everything from food to healthcare.

Each individual film is designed to prompt questions and lead to classroom discussion and deeper learning opportunities. There's also a simple facilitator guide to help get you started - whether you want to use these videos to launch project-based learning activities, reinforce 21st century skills or simply to enhance your own personal know-how.

Kind thanks go to Catalyst Inc for helping to shape this resource.

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Emer Maguire is a musician, international award winning science communicator and presenter based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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